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This Momma Goes to Market: My Experience as a New Investor

Forty-four lines. Forty-four voices. Forty-four transactions. My eleven-year-old eyes gawk at the giant phone perched on my father’s desk with red light indicators. All are blinking, with a solid red light existing only one at a time; it migrates around the grid as he opens and closes deal after deal. I hear Arabic and English […]

Big Heart, Big Texas

Before my first visit Texas, I had an ignorant, outdated view of the lone star state. I pictured honky tonks, big-haired Dolly Parton look-alikes, and saloons. Yes they are all still there, but the honky tonks serve expensive whisky, Dolly Parton look-alikes use sophisticated ceramic hair tools instead of hairspray and perm treatments, and saloons– […]

I Know Why God Created Alcohol

Another day at the office. It was only 11am and I’d already responded to all my e-mails. Aside from a 2pm meeting, I had nothing pressing to do for the rest of the day. My years in this job made me so efficient that I only needed a fraction of what I used to take […]

Burlesque: Staring my Creative Block in the Face

I love poppin’ colours. Ruby red. Gleaming black. Glittering gold. They boost my mood, inspire me and brighten my outlook on life. I’m an old soul. I love cultural artifacts, particularly from the 1920s, ‘40s and ‘50s. I am a natural performer: I love theatre. Combine all these traits of goodness and burlesque comes a […]

Read to Escape—Just Remember to Come Back

Fellow bibliophiles…I do not need to sell you on the joys of reading. Reading feeds our minds and souls. For creatives of all shapes and sizes who work with words, reading is critical. It’s juice for your creative…juice. They’re two sides of the same coin *cliche groan*. But as creatives, it’s important to balance reading […]

How I Settled on Nalang

I speak three languages. Ok, more like two and a half. And no, ten years of classroom French, one year of classroom Italian and six-weeks of online lessons of Portuguese don’t count. English is my native language (even though it’s not the first language I learned), Filipino (Tagalog) is my second (near-fluency, even though it’s […]

My Complicated Relationship with Vancouver

People often ask me why I left Vancouver. If you live there and are happy, power to you. I know people who found the loves of their lives in Vancouver. I know people who found solace in its’ nature. And I know people who just love yoga. Period. Now go shop for your third eyeshadow […]

A Blocked Creative During COVID-19

I want to preface this post declaring that my intention is not to self-improvement shame people. I recognize that it’s hard for many of us to concentrate on anything, especially for those who are economically insecure at the moment. I am speaking to those of us who have been struggling with their creativity even before […]

Nose-to-Palette: 17 Lessons I Learned from Makeup

The beauty industry thrives on people’s insecurities. If tomorrow, all women woke up and decided they didn’t need fancy skincare and makeup to make themselves feel worthy, this 500+ billion dollar industry would collapse before you can say BB cream.  I don’t judge people who wear make up—heck, I wear it all the time, being […]