Hello, I’m Yazz, a woman in her mid-30s who used to love being creative. I used to enjoy activities like singing, dancing, doing fine art, writing—anything that required thinking outside the box. But somehow along the way, around after high school, things went to shit.  So instead of nourishing my creative soul (cheesy I know, but true) I decided to focus on academics because everyone told me it was important to do well in school (well-intentioned advice but not the ultimate answer—I later realized—to life success).

I did pretty well in school—I hold a Masters degree—but all along, I made (subconscious) decisions that were super self-limiting because failure became a living fear. With this fear and many other reasons, I became creatively blocked, and this bled into all aspects of my life. When I woke up two years ago and finally realized I was living a life dictated by the fear-mongering inner goblin, I freaked out (bust out the popcorn for that post of unraveling).

Now, I am a recovering blocked creative. What is a blocked creative? Is it someone who has ideas but doesn’t act on them? Yup. Puts it off? Yup. Why? because they don’t feel good enough to see the idea to fruition; because it feels overwhelming and they think, what’s the point? and give up before they even start.  Because they don’t give themselves permission to be creative since others around them seem better at it. In many cases, something happened in their childhood that quashed their hopes. You get the drill.

Some people call us lazy. And yeah, there are times when I am. Sometimes watching 14 episodes of Empire in one sitting (I love you Cookie Lyon!) sounds so much better than working on the poppy art piece I started painting. But, I later realized, that it wasn’t laziness: it was something deeper.

I started this blog to chronicle my experiences of being a blocked creative: what started it, the symptoms, the coping skills I used, tools to help me unblock, and the journey to reclaim my creativity. Hopefully, there are people out there who are on the same boat and can relate.

You may enjoy this blog if you:

  1. Are curious about someone trying figure out what their creative path is.
  2. Think that you, or someone you know, might be blocked too.
  3. Feel that there is something missing in your life—something specifically creative.
  4. Have an idea of what you’d like to do creatively, and want to try new things, or rather what it’s like to try new things.

Thanks for reading this far. I welcome you to my journey.